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Buffy Pad System

Buffy Pad System
3 part system:The 5 inch non-woven Buffy Pad is pressed onto the Grabber Pad. The Grabber Pad located beneath the Buffy Pad protects the Backer Pad from damage. The Backer Pad screws onto a 5/8x11inch grinder/polisher arbor.
Buffies are excellent for de-felting & removing loosely-held, weathered coatings on bare, weathered wood.
Their gentle brushing action preserves fine log details and draw-knife ridges. Buffy Pads can be used on both the interior and exterior log surfaces .
The average-size home may take 100-200 Pads.
Buffies work best to reduce cob-blasting texture without removing valuable stainholding roughness.
They leave little or no swirls marks on the wood & work faster than random orbital sanders. They work great on most hand-rail spindles & both flat or round surfaces! VIDEO