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Capture Log Stain

Available pack sizes:

One Gallon Pail:

10.0 lbs

Five Gallon Pail:

51.0 lbs


0.2 lbs
Sashco's Capture/Cascade Log Staining System
Nature is beautiful - but harsh. So Capture Log Stain is specifically designed to protect your home no matter what the weather condition or elevation. Capture Log Stain's unequaled formula allows the coating to move freely as your logs inevitably expand and contract (as moisture escapes and temperatures change). Which means no peeling, flaking or chalking-just a beautiful coating that really lasts!
Easy to apply and clean up Cleans easily with soap & water. Pleasant odor.
For the exterior, the manufacturer recommends 2 heavy coats of Capture followed by 1 of Cascade. For inside: 1 coat of Capture & 1+ coats of Symphony.

Coverage: 200-300 sq ft/gal. per coat of Capture. HOW-TO VIDEOS BY SASHCO SEALANTS

Available in 1 Gallon and 5 gallon Pails

Capture Stain Colors

Autumn Aspen
Bronze Pine

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