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Cascade Clear Topcoat

Available pack sizes:

One Gallon Pail:

45.0 lbs

Five Gallon Pail:

45.0 lbs


0.2 lbs
Cascade is a Clear Topcoat that is recommended for use over Capture Stain. It is for Exterior Use Only, where it acts as a protective top coat as a weather-repellent shield. Cascade's protective barrier delays the aging process caused by the sun, mildew & fungus with a powerful fungicide. It kills fungus to help control rot & surface decay
Water-based with no harmful odor or toxic solvents. Non-flammable. Easy clean up with soap & water. It dries Crystal Clear with a Modest Sheen. Very easy to Apply--No special equipment, simply apply with garden sprayer & brush out runs.

Excellent Coverage!: 400-600 square feet per gallon.

Available in 1 Gallon and 5 gallon Pails, and two cheans- Semi-gloss and Matte.


Clear Semi-gloss
Cascade Clear Matte

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