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Log Chinking & Caulking

“Chinking” in the log home industry has come to mean an elastic sealing material that looks like the old-fashioned Portland cement-based mortar in color and/or texture, used to seal the joints between logs. Chink lines can be fairly narrow or quite wide. Backer rod or bond-breaking tape should always be used in back of the chink line in order to provide 2-point adhesion and allow the chinking to expand and contract to the maximum possible degree. Log Jam, and Permachink are brands of chinking products with exceptional adhesion and elasticity.
“Caulking” is a similar material to “chinking”, but usually has no texture or a very light texture. Caulking can be used to fill the horizontal cracks (called checks), create a continuous caulking line between the log rows, or between log courses as they are stacked during construction. Caulking is usually used where you want a sealing product that blends in with the logs. Chinking is usually used where you want to display a mortor like appearance.