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Closed Cell Backer Rod

Round Closed Cell Backer Rods
Available in small packages of 50 or 100 feet & boxes of larger quantities.
Available in a variety of sizes from 1/4" to 2"
Round shape facilitates the proper caulking or chinking joint design (with more sealant material near the log adhesion points).
The 1/4" closed cell is the smallest rod size available in any style, and is ideal for milled logs that have a small chink joint.
May require glues or staples to stay in place. If spray adhesives are used, please take care to spray only to the rod and not directly to the wood (adhesives can interfere with the bonding between the sealant and the wood if sprayed on the bonding point).
Staples can puncture the surface of closed cell rods, causing holes in the rod, which are areas that gasses from curing sealants can gather, adding to the risk of outgassing, which can cause blisters to form.