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Wood Preservatives

Wood Preservatives are used to assist in combating destruction by insects, fungi, and mildew, that are attracted by the presence of moisture. Borates such as Impel Rods and Penetreat neutralize moisture.
Powdered borates, such as Penetreat and Board Defense, are mixed with water and applied to bare wood, usually during the building process. Impel Rods are crystallized borates that look like glass rods. Holes are drilled in wood and the rods are inserted. When moisture is detected, the rods diffuse into the wood and neutralize the moisture. Impel Rods are usually installed in areas where damage from moisture is anticipated, such as lower logs, log ends, and around windows and doors.
Stain additives (such as Stay Clean) can be added to stains to beef up the stains defenses against mildew, molds, etc.