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Log Builder Caulking

Available pack sizes:

10.5 oz Single Cartridge:

1.2 lbs

Case of 12- 10.5 oz Cartridges:

12.8 lbs

29 ounce Single Cartridge:

3.0 lbs

Case of 10 29 oz Cartridges:

28.5 lbs

5 Gallon Pail:

56.1 lbs
Log Builder Log Home Sealant:
Specifically designed to absorb all log movement, shrinking, swelling, extreme weather or settling foundation.
Log Builder moves with your home, maintaining an effective seal. Stretches and compresses up to 100% of the original joint size; stays rubbery; won't crack or pull away. Seals to keep water, dust & wind from seeping into your home. 7 water-based colors; seals around windows, doors, base boards, checks & cracks.
Available in:
10.5oz. cartridge
-Dark Brown, Tan, Woodtone
29oz. cartridge - Tan, Woodtone
5 gal pail - Dark Brown, Tan, Woodtone

Log Builder Colors

Dark Brown

Order Now:

Color Pack Size and Price Quantity

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