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Exterior Stains & Finishes

The exterior of your log or wood sided home takes tremendous abuse from the elements of nature. The suns ultraviolet light along with the harsh treatment from windblown rain and snow will quickly damage and discolor your home if proper protective coatings are not covering your logs or wood siding. It is extremely important to use a product that has been specifically formulated for the unique characterisics of logs. These stains must endure the expansion and contraction of the wood, and be tough enough to survive on the upper round surface of the log, which takes the brunt of the weather. In addition to these protective qualities, a good stain must bring out the beauty of your logs or wood siding. It should allow the grain of the wood to show and enhance the natural character of the log. Another important requirement is for the stain to be compatable with your chinking or caulking product. All of the coatings offered at our store have been specifically tested for these qualities, both by the manufactures and by our crews. We encourage you to order a stain sample to apply to your logs or wood siding as different species of wood will look slightly different. We also invite you to call or email our expert staff to discuss your project. HOW-TO VIDEOS BY SASHCO SEALANTS