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Log Restoration & Maintenance Services

Sawtooth Wood Products provides a full range of log home maintenance services. From the restoration of historical log structures to the scheduled maintenance of newer log homes, we offer the full spectrum of log home restoration and maintenance services. These services may include replacement of rotted logs, reinforcement of rotted logs with epoxies, preservation of logs with Impel Rods and Penetreat, removal of old finishes, elimination of air infiltration and bug problems with caulking and chinking. We also apply high quality log finishes to refurbish and protect your log home. As illustrated in the photos below, without proper care and maintenance of your logs, deterioration can result. An annual home inspection by our team can keep your log home healthy and beautiful.

  • Snow Piling up against the cabin has caused the logs to rot.

  • The rotten logs have been replaced with new materials.

  • Logs are then stained to match the rest of the cabin.

  • Pump house with rotted bottom logs

  • Cutting out the rotted logs

  • Cutting out rotted logs 2

  • Old logs were replaced with new logs

  • Media blasting to remove old coating

  • Old coating has been removed

  • Applying new coating

  • After new coating

  • Logs before removal of old gray stain

  • After gray stain has been removed by media blasting

  • Water damage to lower logs and walkway.

  • Removed the damaged logs along the entire side of the house.

  • The damage that unchecked water can do to your log home.

  • Installing the new logs.

  • Restored log wall.