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BULK AIR GUN 1 Quart DL-59-T13A (100-10)

Comes with a 32-55 half inch nozzle and front cap.
Albion's standard air drive models discharge the most viscous materials at high speed and large volume. Features include, all-metal construction, scratch and rust resistant, high quality 3-way air valve for instant pressure release. Cartridge expander provides positive air seal, full porting prevents piston upset, replaceable parts.
Loading Bulk Guns without a Loader:
Remove front cap.
Slide loading sleeve over front of barrel (Stock No. LCM-331). If no loading sleeve, wet end of gun with water or a release agent to avoid getting material in the threads
Emmerse the gun into the material to a depth of about 1 inch. Move it about slightly so the material adheres to the barrel or loading sleeve, and forms an air seal.
While holding the barrel, pull the piston rod back slowly, about 1 inch at a time. Pause between pulls to permit material to follow the piston. In this way, the gun will fill with a minimum of air pockets.
Remove gun using a putty knife to cut off strings of extra material. Clean the excess material from gun barrel or simply remove the loading sleeve.
Replace the front cap.
Shipping Weight= 5 Lbs

Price: $179.95
Part Number: LCCG-10010