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CPR Log Cleaner & Brightener 1/2 Gal

CPR log cleaner and brightener is a powdered sodium percarbonate that, when mixed with water, becomes a safe and effective cleaner and brightener.
Use at regular strength (1/2 container per 5 gallons) to simply clean wood surfaces of accumulated dirt and grime.
Use at brightener strength (one container per 5 gallons) to aggressively brighten discolored wood.
CPR is not harmful to wood, most plants or animals.
Coverage per half gallon container: 1000-1500 square feet @ Cleaner Strength, 500-750 square feet @Brightener Strength
Do not use on redwood.
Shipping Weight= 5.1 Lbs

Technical Data:

White granular powder

64 oz. plastic container (net wt. 4.8 lb.)

Application Range
60°-90°F (don't apply to hot, sun-drenched surfaces.)

Working Time
1) 5-20 minutes after application to wood.
2) 4-6 hours after mixing with water.

Freeze-Thaw Stability
Stable, but store between 40°F – 80°F.

Solids Wt. %

Maximum VOC


Price: $23.99 $21.69
Part Number: LCCPR12